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Important notices from the Town of River Falls…


Please send all December and January property tax payments to the Pierce County Treasurer’s Office in Ellsworth (not the Town of River Falls).  If you would like a receipt for your tax payment please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  More information can be found on the back side of this newsletter.



Town residents are reminded not to park or leave motor vehicles standing on any street, road or highway right-of-way in the Town from November 1st through April 1st except by permit of the Town Board.  Vehicles found to be in violation may be towed at the owner’s expense. 



New businesses in the Town of River Falls are required to obtain a permit from the town board.  Please contact Jerome Rodewald at 715-425-0228 for further information.



If you have received duplicate town newsletters or know of someone that needs to be added to the mail list please contact: clerk@riverfallstown.com



We have already entered the snow plowing season.  Here are some important tips to remember when removing snow from your driveway: Standing in your driveway, facing the road, shovel all your snow to your right at your driveway entrance, thus the snowplow will take the snow down the road.  If possible, don’t plow your driveway until the snowplow has gone by.  The State Statutes and the Town of River Falls General Code prohibit plowing any snow from driveways onto town roads.  You are liable for fines and damages.  If you hire someone to plow your driveway, be sure they know about this policy.   Further information on the town’s winter road maintenance policies can be found on the town website. 



All burn permits issued in the Town of River Falls will expire as of December 31, 2013 and town residents will need to obtain a new permit for 2014.  The 2014 permits will again be valid for the entire calendar year.  They will be available at the Town Recycling Center on Saturdays from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. or from a Town Board Member or a Town employee as available.  Please note that both local and state regulations prohibit you from burning garbage.



Please continue to check out the

updated town website at www.riverfallstown.com. It has a variety of town information including meeting agendas, approved minutes, budget, elections, roads, recycling, animal control, zoning, parks and contact information. The town has reduced the number of printed newsletters to two per year and is updating the website continuously to cover the periods between these newsletters. This has helped the town save on printing and postage costs and allows for more current information to be available to town residents.



The River Falls Town Board wishes to thank the River Falls High School Work/Transition Program for providing volunteer cleaning services at the Town Hall.  The board also wishes to thank the River Falls Lion’s Club and Mason’s Organization, Dennis Zielski, Matthew DeFrene, Mary Walker, Carol Wilcox, Noma Kel, Elaine Baker, Bev Hop, Brian Weber and Mark Anderson for volunteer help with the town parks; and town resident, Dennis Zielski for constructing the new sign in front of the town hall!



The River Falls Town Board is currently contracting with Associated Appraisal Consultants for town assessing needs.  Questions on property or personal property tax assessments can be directed to Associated at 1-800-721-4157.  The town will be undertaking a complete revaluation of town properties beginning in 2014 and extending into 2015.  This will update current assessed values of properties in the town.  The updated information will also be converted into a new, digitized recordkeeping system. 



Please take the time to complete the dog license information found on the back and submit it to the town.  Licenses are required for all dogs that are five months of age or older.  The licenses help the town return stray dogs to their owner if it becomes necessary.   The town continues to receive complaints on several dog related issues during the course of the year.  More information on dog control regulations and policies can be found on the town website.


(Please turn newsletter over for tax payment & dog licensing information).



(Three options)


IN PERSONPierce County Treasurer’s Office, 414 W. Main Street, Ellsworth.  Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.   Phone:  715-273-6743.  For your convenience, drive in the rear parking lot from Kinne Street, and straight ahead will be a drop box, located in the hall.  PLEASE NOTETHE PIERCE COUNTY COURTHOUSE IS CLOSED ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24TH & 25TH & NEW YEARS DAY JANUARY 1ST.  THE COURTHOUSE WILL BE OPEN ALL DAY DECEMBER 31ST.   


U.S. MAIL – Pierce County Treasurer, PO Box 87, Ellsworth, WI  54011 – Must be postmarked on or before January 31, 2013.  For year end payments (Dec 31) your receipt will show the date payment was received not the postmark date.  Please make payment to Pierce County Treasurer.  Enclose tear off from tax statement so payment will be applied correctly.  However, if there are delinquent taxes, payment will be applied to delinquent taxes first.  If you want a receipt(s) please include a self-addressed envelope with appropriate postage.  Please do not include fees for dog licenses with your property tax payment.  Dog licenses will be issued by the town treasurer (instructions below).


CREDIT CARD – Credit Cards AND electronic check payments

If you wish to pay taxes by credit card or electronic check, a processing fee will be added to your payment.   Please go to http://www.co.pierce.wi.us/Treasurer/Treasurer_Main.html and click on Online Tax Payment Information to make online credit card or electronic check payments.  You may also go to the Pierce County website www.co.pierce.wi.us  On the home page go to the far left to the Departments tab, go to treasurer office.  Click on Online Tax Payment Information.   The credit and debit card fee is 2.39% of the amount being paid (minimum fee $1.50).   Electronic check fee is $1.50 (for payments up to $10,000).     You need your parcel computer number and dollar amount to complete the transaction.


Phyllis J Beastrom/Pierce County Treasurer

Phone: 715-273-6743/email: beastrom@co.pierce.wi.us/ Fax: (715-273-6861)







Please fill out form below and return with the proper fee.  Checks should be made out to the Town of River Falls and mailed to Town Treasurer, Rita Kozak, W7843 810th Avenue, River Falls, WI  54022.  Phone:  715-425-8554.  Please use additional forms for more than one dog.




Phone _______________________


Name of dog ____________________Breed  ________________ Color___________


__Male       $12.00                 __Neutered Male    $7.00           __Kennel License $40.00*


__Female  $12.00                  __Spayed Female  $7.00


Date of Rabies Vaccination ___________  


Vaccine Mfg._______________________   Serial Number____________________


*A Town of River Falls kennel license is required.  This fee licenses 6-10 dogs. For 11 or more dogs, please add an additional $5.00/animal.