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2015 Draft Annual Meeting Minutes
Apr 21, 2015


Tuesday, April 21, 2015; 7:00 P.M.; River Falls Town Hall



Note:  All written reports that were submitted will be attached to the official meeting minutes.


The annual meeting was called to order by Town Chair, Diana G. Smith with approximately 25 town residents present.

Recognition was provided to LeRoy Kusilek for his 16 years of service as a town board member and his 18 years of service as an employee with the town highway department.

The 2014 annual meeting minutes were approved on a motion made by Joe Mahoney and seconded by Roy Lund.

An accounting of 2014 income and expenses was presented by Rita Kozak and Ruth Stern.  The year-end account balances totaled $397,399.44.  It was noted that the year-end balance was higher than normal, but extra funds are allocated to the 2015 revaluation project, road maintenance and a lean-to building at the highway shop. 

Diana presented the 2014 road work report.  Several projects will be bid out during the month of May with road work to commence shortly after.

Michele DeLong-Reiter provided a 2014 versus 2013 comparison of usage of the Town Recycling Center.  Almost all categories of garbage and recycling had increased during the year indicating usage of the Recycling Center continues to increase.

Jerome Rodewald provided the 2014 building permit/building inspection report.  There were 21 building permits issued during 2014 for a project total of $2,021,590.  This included six new homes in the town. 

Roy Lund reported on progress of the Town Farmland Preservation Plan including the classification process that was used for lands to be preserved.  The classification process was based on NRCS soil mapping.  The plan will need to be completed by December 31st.  The Land Use Ad Hoc Committee is currently reviewing rezone request recommendations. 

Jerome Rodewald reported that the town will be assuming control of the Mount Zion Cemetery.  A recognition service will take place at the Glass Valley Cemetery in the fall commemorating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War.  There are five civil war veterans buried at the Glass Valley Cemetery.   The American Legion will be providing a grave marker for one unmarked civil war veteran – Thomas Walker who was a former slave.   Nine lots have been sold at Glass Valley since the Town Cemetery Committee was formed. 

Diana reported on 2015 Parks and Recreation projects.  Several projects are planned for 2015 and volunteer assistance is very instrumental and appreciated in helping to complete these projects.  There are currently five developed and two undeveloped parks in the town.    

Diana reported on Rural Fire Association activities.  The association is studying reclassification of accident calls and a change in burning ban declarations.  It is expected that fire protection costs will rise greatly in the next few years.  This is due to the fact that the extra funds that were generated from the sale of Rural Fire Association equipment to the City of River Falls are becoming depleted.   These funds have been used to offset increasing fire protection costs for the last several years. 

LeRoy Kusilek reported that only two dogs needed to be transported to the Goodhue Shelter in 2014.  Most dog control issues have been able to be handled by LeRoy at very little cost to the town. 

Other Information:  John Galgowski was introduced.  He will be serving in the Supervisor I town board position.  Mary Foster has been helping the town complete the Town Code Update project.  It is hoped that the project can be completed by the end of the year or early in 2016. 

The 2016 Annual Meeting date was set for Tuesday, April19th beginning at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.

Joe Mahoney moved to adjourn the annual meeting at 8:50 P.M.  John Galgowski seconded.  Meeting adjourned. 

                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Ruth Stern/Clerk

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