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Regular Town Board Meeting
Sep 15, 2014



Monday, September 15, 2014; River Falls Town Hall


Elected officials and staff present: Diana G. Smith, Chair; LeRoy Kusilek, Siri Smith, Brad Mogen, Supervisors; Ruth Stern, Clerk; Rita Kozak, Treasurer; Michele DeLong-Reiter, Recycling Center Administrator


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 P.M. by Chair, Diana G. Smith.  Brad moved to approve the September 2nd regular board meeting minutes.  LeRoy seconded.  Motion carried. 

Siri moved to approve the September 15th treasurer’s report.  There is a money market balance of $415,649.69.  Brad seconded.  Motion carried.

Communications:  Ruth reported that photo ID would be required at the November 4th election.  Diana reported on town road work completed on 950th St. and 805th St.

Planning Commission Recommendations:  No recommendations brought forward.

St. Croix Valley Natural Gas Line Proposal:  Greg Lee was present and provided the board with information relating to hooking the town hall into a proposed gas line that would run along 770th Ave.  It is the expected the hook-up fees would cost approximately $800-$850 and converting the town hall furnace would be an additional expense. Siri moved that the board give their approval to hook the town hall into the St. Croix Valley Natural gas line along 770th Ave. contingent upon the board receiving a final price on the hook-up cost prior to signing the contract.  LeRoy seconded.  Motion carried.

Bridge Maintenance:  Diana reported that there is a great deal of routine maintenance that will need to be done on the town bridges including power washing, painting/sealing, riprapping on four sites, brushing, and replacing some signs.  Town road staff can complete most of this work immediately while a few items such as deck washing and sealing may be worked in over the next two year time frame. 

Road Committee:  Diana provided an estimate on constructing a 25 ’X 48’ lean-to on the side of the salt/sand shed at the town shop.  The lean-to would provide additional equipment storage.  An additional bid will be obtained.  The Road Committee continues to research information comparing the cost of contracting out brush removal services versus purchasing a brush chipper. 

Farmland Preservation Plan:  Diana reported on progress of the town Farmland Preservation Plan.  The plan could potentially change some zoning designations in the town.  The town will hold public hearings on the plan.  It is expected that there will be a window of opportunity for landowners to request a rezone.    

Recycling Grant:  Michele presented the 2015 recycling grant figures based on estimated departmental costs of $39,040 in 2015.  Diana will sign the final grant application on behalf of the board. 

Website Resource Page:  Ruth will draft a policy statement that will be placed on the town website regarding posting other requested website addresses.  The town will limit this posting to other governmental agencies or those businesses/organizations that the town contracts with or routinely carries out business with.

Brad moved to approve the September 15th listing of bills.  LeRoy seconded.  Motion carried.

LeRoy moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:40 P.M.  Brad seconded.  Motion carried. 


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Ruth Stern, Clerk

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