Personnel & Committee Directory

Plan Commission

Meets 1st and 3rd Mondays at 6:30pm

Town Code 1.20, 3-year terms for citizen members

Diana Smith (Town Chair is Presiding Officer)

Mary Foster (2026)

Kurt Leichtle (2026)

John Oliver (2025)

Marty Ruemmele (2026)

Patrick Singel (2026)

Siri Smith (2025, Board member elected yearly)

Don Rodewald (Zoning Administrator, Advisory role)

Parks & Recreation Committee

Meets 4th Thursday

Town Code 1.21, 3-year terms for citizen members

Garrett Gill (Chair, 2025)

Sue Bushard (2027)

Greg Elliott (2025)

Mary Foster (2025)

John Kucinski (2027)

Brad LaBadie (2027)

John Galgowski (2025, Board member elected yearly)


Recycling Committee

Meets as Needed

Rita Kozak

Joe Smith

John Stark

Diana Smith (Town Chair)

Joe Mahoney (2025, Board member elected yearly)

Comprehensive Plan Review Committee

Meets as Needed

3-year terms for citizen members

Siri Smith (Chair, 2025, Board member elected yearly)

Maureen Ash (2027)

Tim Bylander (2026)

Mary Foster (2027)

Kurt Leichtle (2025)

Jerome Rodewald (2026)


Roads Committee

Meets Monthly on 2nd Thursday

3-year terms for citizen members

Brad Mogen (Chair)

Don Rodewald

Peter Stern

Terry Kusilek

Rob Schaar

Brad Mogen (2025, Board member elected yearly)

Cemetery Committee

Meets 3rd Thursday as needed

3-year terms for citizen members

Jerome Rodewald (Chair, 2025)

Garrett Gill (2027)

Peggy Jensen (2026)

Scott Jensen (2026)

Kurt Leichtle (2027)

Elizabeth Terlinden (2025)

Brad Mogen (2025, Board member elected yearly)

Extra Territorial Zoning Committee

Meets as Needed

ETZ Ord. 20.17

Kurt Leichtle

Patrick Singel

Wayne Svoboda

John Kucinski (First Alternate)

Diana Smith (Town Chair)

Brad Mogen (2025, Board member elected yearly)

Facilities Planning Committee

Meets as Needed

Formed on 11/21/16, Added Impact Fee Responsibilities 4/23/18

Brad Mogen (Chair, 2025, Board member elected yearly))

Terry Kusilek

Jerome Rodewald

Peter Stern

Board of Appeals

Meets as Needed

3-year terms

Town Code Town Code 17.09 & ETZ Ordinance 20.18

Sheila Schils (Chair, 2025)

Mike Cobian (2026)

David Gregg (2026)

Mike Yde (2026)

Shana Colburn (Alternate)


Joint Town/City Task Force (Established in 2004, disbanded at 4/16/07 meeting)

Ad Hoc Comprehensive Plan Review Committee (Established in May of 2004, disbanded at 4/16/12 meeting; Re-established at 6/15/15 meeting)

Ad Hoc Transfer of Development Rights Committee (Established in October, 2006, disbanded at 4/16/12 meeting)

Ad Hoc Volunteer Energy Committee (Disbanded at 4/16/12 meeting)        

Ad Hoc Farmland Preservation Committee (Disbanded on 4/19/16)

Town Highway Dept. – Rob Schaar (715-821-4049)

Zoning Administrator – Donald Rodewald (715-307-0564, [email protected])

Assistant Zoning Administrator:   Jerome Rodewald (715-307-1774)

Building Inspector – All Croix Inspections (715-377-2152)

Recycling Center Manager – Diana Smith (715-821-4049)

Animal Control and Impound - Companion Animal Control (715-220-1332)

Rural Fire Association Representative – Diana Smith (715-425-5478)

Parks & Recreation Contact:  Garrett Gill, 715-425-8554, [email protected]

Town Assessing – Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. (920-749-1995)


Town Board

Town Contacts