Roads Maintenance Department

We are currently hiring for a full-time Roads Maintenance Department employee! The position description and application is below. Application materials can be submitted to Clerk Sarah Meyer, [email protected]

The position is open until filled (application review starts Tuesday, May 27, 2024: 

The Town of River Falls is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the Town's 60 miles of roads & highways. The services range from pothole repairs in spring to rural ditch mowing in summer, to snow plowing and removal in winter. Maintenance crews also remove debris from the roads and ditches.

We generally have two employees in the Roads Maintenance Department.  Our goal is to have all town roads plowed within twenty-four hours of a storm, with main roads being plowed first. Of our town’s 60-plus miles of roads, about 30 are classified first priority plowing and sanding roads.  The balance will be plowed and sanded as time allows.  The town’s goal is to maintain the roads as well as weather, equipment, and budget allow.

Roads given number one priority are major and minor collector roads as defined by the state. Number two roads are the daily traveled school bus routes.  Number three roads are the daily traveled milk routes.