Town Facts


➢ River Fall Township was first formed as Greenwood Township in 1854 and the name changed
four years later to River Falls Township since there was already another Greenwood Township
in the state. Some of the original land area included what is now known as the City of River
Falls. The first town board meeting minutes that the Town of River Fall has on record were
from April 3, 1906. This meeting was held in the City of River Falls and included voting for
the first town board chair, supervisors, clerk and treasurer. Seventy-one (71) people voted in
the election.

➢ Total Population (Most Recent Estimate by the Census Bureau): 2,310

➢ 2017 Voting Age Population: 1806

➢ Land Area: The Town of River Falls is larger than most Wisconsin Towns because it is a town
and a third (48 sections). This would be 30,720 acres (48 sections @ 640 acres/section) less
any parts of those sections that have been annexed into the City of River Falls.

➢ Miles of Town Roads Maintained: 60

➢ 2017 Equalized Value of the Town: Real Estate - $230,401,800 (Equalized value is the
estimated value of all taxable real and personal property in the town. The estimate is generated
by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue on an annual basis)

➢ 2017 Mill Rate: River Falls School District – .018314192; Ellsworth School District -
.020040967 (Multiply the mill rate by assessed value to get an approximation of property taxes

➢ Town Parks: 7 (Anderson, Birch Cliff, Halverson, Hillwood, Rocky Branch, South Ridge,
South Valley

➢ Town Cemeteries: Glass Valley (located at the corner of Hwy. 29 and Cty. Rd. E); Mount Zion
(located in Section 24 – not developed at this time)


➢ 95% of Wisconsin’s land area is within a town.
➢ Over 30% of Wisconsinites live in a town.
➢ Half of the state’s transportation system (public highways) are maintained by towns.