Riverfalls Town School

A very short history of Randall School and the River Falls Town hall

by Janet Huppert

Sources: Pierce County's Heritage, Vol. 7 ed. by Ursula Peterson Town of River Falls records, researched by Janet Huppert

The Randall School, first called a "Yankee" school, was established in 1867. The chairman of the school board was Calvin Randall. In 1867 the total cost to operate the school was $200. Of that amount the teacher, Amanda Elliott, received $120.

A new school house (the present town hall) was built in 1901. Rob Johnson was to be paid $1287 to build the structure 26 feet wide, 46 feet deep and 12 feet high. The building was heated by a wood burning furnace.

In 1960 the Randall School District was consolidated with the River Falls School District. At the annual town meeting on April 5, 1960, 51 votes were cast as to whether Town residents should purchase the school to use as a town hall. There were 37 votes yes, 11 votes no, and 3 blank ballots. That same year Town residents paid $500 for the school and the two acres of land.

Since that time the Town has added wheel chair access, steel siding, a new roof and, in 2001, a gas furnace to the building.